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Turkey season will now be a draw with the application period being from January 9, 2024


Thru February 9th 2024
You will need to go to KDWP website for instructions.

Give me a call I would be happy to go over all of this with you as I know I dont explain myself all that well. 


The spring turkey hunt in Southeast Kansas is a great time. That time of year the weather is still nice and the turkeys are in their full mode of breeding! There are both Eastern AND Rio Grande species on our hunting land! I keep the human element/presences in THEIR habitat to a minimum and because of that, every hunter has a prime opportunity to successfully harvest their bird with no other outside hunting pressure.

Hunts are 3 days with meals and lodging and you are allowed to kill one bird.


1x1 guided 950.00
2x1 guided 800.00
Self guided 700.00

Semi guided means that I will show you the land you will be hunting and where the birds are roosted, where they tend to rome, and their primary strutting grounds. From there, you take on the hunt personally while taking on some of the most intense, in your face/up close and personal trophy turkey huntin you ever been involved in! You hunt with your own calls and will hunt by your preferred method of hunting. $700.00 per person