About us

We are celebrating 30 years of providing quality whitetail hunts!

​Our Whitetail Properties

We hunt right at 13,000 acres of private property that are intensely managed for mature bucks. We have food plots, hunting plots, corn feeders and blocks for the deer on our properties.

​Our Passion!

Year in and year out, we provide hunters with good opportunities on trophy class bucks. It doesn’t matter whether you're hunting with a gun or bow we will give you 110% of our efforts to give you the best hunt possible!

​Our Commitment

At VVO we are all about giving you, the hunter, the best opportunity to harvest a mature buck. !e don't over pressure our hunting areas by hunting every season just to make more money. I feel that its very important to keep pressure to a minimum so I don't have a muzzleloader hunt, early season archery or a late season archery. Four weeks of archery and two weeks of rifle is all that we hunt. At VVO by doing everything possible such as nutrition,habitat and low hunting pressure will help ensure that we don't over harvest our resource of mature bucks.

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3816 Mead Rd

Neodesha Ks 66757

2020 Season Dates


Oct 29th - Nov 3rd  (arrive on 29th)  Nov 5th - 10th (arrive the 4th)

Nov 12th - 17th (arrive the 11th)

Nov 19th - 24th (arrive the 18th)



Dec 1st - 5th (arrive the 30th)

Dec 6th - 11th (arrive the 6th)

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